Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1st

Halloooo! Glad you stopped by!

First, many thanks for your prayers for me as I preached at Memorial C.C. a few weeks ago- we had a great time together unpacking God's Word!

This past week, C3 had our first "Family Sunday," and it was a blast! Our kiddos stayed with us the whole time as we sang, read a great story (thanks Kerri!) partnered up for a group activity and looked at why Isaiah called Jesus "Wonderful Counselor." It was a treat to see what can happen when we are together all morning as a multi-generational community. Our next Family Sunday will be the on December 27th- Please join us in praying about it!

One of our other big praises this past month was the completion of another fence project. This one was for a single mom who has two younger children. Her home backs up to a "greenbelt," which is essentially a long, open strip of undeveloped land that often facilitates utilities or drainage for a neighborhood. Although the majority of her far back fence was missing, there were new posts already set. This made it possible for us to finish the entire fencing repair in a just a couple of hours.

Jobs like this aren't complicated, but they are labor-intensive and can seem overwhelming if you are facing them by yourself. There are many people in our communities that feel like they don't have anyone to turn to for help. As His people, we all have amazing opportunities to show the love of Christ in practical ways. I hope you will pray with us for new openings to serve the world!

Finally, please pray for our friend, Kim P. She is in the hospital as the doctors try to deal with excessive fluid around her heart. These terrific doctors need the wisdom of the Great Physician.

In Him we live,