Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 30th

Prayer Partners,

I just received an email from Chris, who is a part of the C3 family. Her uncle Ed has been battling cancer for quite some time, and she just informed me that his one kidney has failed, requiring dialysis. 

Please join me in praying for comfort, peace and healing for Ed (as well as comfort an peace for Chris and the rest of his family). We must never be afraid to "approach the throne of Grace with confidence," like Hebrews 4 tells us. 

Thank you for praying!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 28th

Susie is a part of the C3 fam here in Houston. Her nephew lives several states away, and is really facing some hard stuff. 

Would you please join me in praying that our amazing God would bring healing and comfort to this young man in a tangible way? 

I hope you will also pray for C3 this week- for each visitor that has joined us, and for each person who plays a part in the church's leadership. 

Thank you so very much!

In Him We Live,


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 21st

It's Tuesday morning as I sit down to write this little update. We've have had our first "post-launch" worship gathering, it's 66 degrees outside and my yard is finally mowed again. 

But before I fill you in on what has been happening recently, I want to say thank you. Thank you for continuing to partner with us in prayer over the last ten months (or longer for some) as we have planned and prepared as best we could for this amazing adventure. God hears the prayers of His people, and I am confident that those prayers have deeply impacted every area of this new church start. 

Now that things are settling back into more of a "normal routine" (if there really is such a thing) I hope you will continue on with us. So often, church plants put so much into the launch that it makes that event seem like the climax of the adventure. But in reality, it is only the beginning; we need your partnership in prayer now as much as we ever have. You are an invaluable part of this church!
Now, on to the update:

This past Sunday was just amazing! I knew that at least one of our key volunteers would be out of town, and I had no idea if any of our first time visitors might return. But as odd as this might sound, I just wasn't concerned about it. Don't misunderstand me- I truly want people to feel welcomed at C3, and I hope that we become home to many folks who are still just exploring who Jesus is, as well as people who feel like they've "fallen through the cracks" in other churches. But I refuse to be consumed by the pursuit of some random attendance number. Just think about how much courage it takes each time someone walks into a building where a church meets for the first time (or the second). It is a privilege for us when anyone does this, and those people should be welcomed into a place that focuses on and celebrates the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We only have one "number" we need to focus on: One more. 

With that freedom in mind, I can honestly say that it was such a blessing to see several first time visitors return, and to again have close to 40 folks come together for worship. I hope you will pray this week for each of those visitors (several of which are kiddos), that they will continue to experience the love of Christ in a tangible way through C3, and will continue their journey toward a close, abiding connection with Him as Savior. 

I would also like to ask that you pray for a friend of ours from Grace Christian Church. Kathy Vogel is preparing for back surgery, which can be a really scary thing. Please pray for wisdom and guidance for the doctors, and for healing and comfort for Kathy. 

Don't forget- if you would like us to pray for you, you can send us a note in the comment section of this blog, or send me an email at:

In Him We Live,


p.s.- My fellow blogger and pastor Jason had a similiar experience this last week, and what he wrote about it is just awesome. If you'd like to check it out, click here

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Prayer partners,

Please join us in praying for a young lady named Jessica. She has just been diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma, in stage II.  Jessica loves horses, and her greatest hope is to be able to continue to ride during her chemo. 

Thank you so much for praying with us for her!

In Him We Live,


Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13th

Hey there- thanks for stopping in!

Well, it rained pretty hard on the Katy area Sunday morning, but that didn't stop over 40 people from coming to the official launch of Convergence Christian Church!  

I couldn't be more happy with all that happened yesterday!  The core group once again worked side by side to bring together all of our ministry areas in an incredible way, and helped everyone who walked in the door feel like a part of things. With the exception of one tiny little glitch that was corrected quickly, all of our "technical" stuff worked, and amazingly, I managed to keep my message brief!

But seriously, to whom do we credit with making all of this possible besides our great God? He alone is worthy of all glory and honor and praise. 

I hope you will join us this week in thanking God for the way He's blessed C3, and ask him to continue to extend His Kingdom through us.

If you'd like us to pray with you about anything, please feel free to drop me a note!

In Him We Live,


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 8th


Wow- it's been a busy week so far! Great things are happening with our "Overpass" ministry, which is now focusing on one particular gentleman. Please pray this week that he will be able to get replacement documents of his social security card and birth certificate, as well as a new Texas i.d. card. Please also pray with us for wisdom concerning the "next step" in his journey from homelessness to a life off the streets.  Please also pray for his journey with Christ, which is at a critical crossroads. 

Please also join us in praying for everything surrounding our worship gathering this coming Sunday. Not only is it Easter, but it's also the "official" launch of Convergence Christian Church! We couldn't be much more excited about the opportunity to be a part of C3's birth! 

There are many details that people are continuing to work on to prepare for this week's new start, but the big picture is clear to us: glorify the risen Christ and proclaim the Good News of His life, death, and resurrection! What an amazing privilege it is to be able to share the greatest gift the world will ever be given! 

Thank you so much for continuing to journey with us- your partnership in prayer is an amazing gift to which I simply can't ascribe a value!

In Him We Live,