Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday, Oct. 6th

Things are moving right along as C3 heads toward an "official" launch in January. Things in Houston are beginning to return to normal (if there really is such a thing), and in our area, you could hardly tell that we had such a horrendous storm.

As we begin the week, I would like to share some exciting news: yesterday C3 had our first two baptisms! Earlier in the week I was able to visit with Jessie and Patrick. Their mom, Judi, is already a Christ follower and it was great to chat with them and hear about why they believe they need Jesus to be their Savior. So, after our morning gathering, most of us headed over to Grace and borrowed their baptistery- special thank to Darren and company for making everything so available to us, and to Eli for staying and making sure it all went smoothly!

As the month progresses, we will be looking in earnest for a place to meet when we launch. We will also begin to make some of our larger one-time purchases, such as sound equipment. Please be in prayer for these important areas as we continue to seek God's will for Convergence Christian Church.

Thank you so very much for being a C3 prayer partner- your contribution cannot be adequately quantified!

In Him We Live,


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