Monday, October 20, 2008

Oct. 20th

Hi there!

For this post, I'd like to break things into 2 parts. Part one includes ongoing prayer needs that directly affect the physical "launch" of this new church. Part two will be specific notes from members of C3 who are asking for prayer.

Part 1:
  1. Please pray for our first leadership retreat, scheduled for November 7-8. I will be joined by the C3 trustees, Ron, Ed, and Charlie, and we will be evaluating the past few months, as well as tackling some very important issues for the future.
  2. On that note, please pray that God will show us the very best possible location in which to meet. Our last few months have revealed some very interesting things, both demographically and geographically, and we want to respond to God's leading.

Part 2- Please pray for:

  1. Shaun's job situation. Also, for a colleague of his who is in prison, as well as this man's family.
  2. Healing for Kyle, who is 15 and battling cancer. Also for our great God's strength for his mom Cindy, as she guides him through this as well as the other challenges of being a single parent. We are rejoicing though, that a spot on Kyle's lung was determined to NOT be cancerous!
  3. Healing for Natalie, who is coming to the end of basic training, but may have a stress fracture in her hip.
  4. A neighbor of one of our C3 families, who has been wrestling with where he is spiritually, as well as with the death of a close friend.

Thank you so very much for praying!


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katdish said...


For the next update, I've met some great peeps in the blogosphere. Please pray for Beth who is part of a church plant in Terre Haute, Indiana, and for Mare , who is in Nigeria working with Global Christian Ministries teaching AIDS/HIV awareness.

For anyone that's interested, I'll be sending Mare a care package later this week. She has asked for beef jerky and water flavoring packets, which I'll pick up tomorrow. She also asked for some devotionals and/or some good Christian books. And even though she didn't ask for it, I'm sending her a neti pot, cause that's how I roll...