Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nov. 29th

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our internet connection has been down at home this week (since Tuesday night or maybe Wednesday morning), so I've had limited access over the past few days. Since I've been given the opportunity to "borrow" a connection for a few hours today, I do want to take this chance to ask for your prayers concerning a few special folks this week:

  • J.D. is a very good friend to many of us at C3. Though now making their home in Alaska, we still consider he and his family a part of ours. With that in mind, J.D.'s mom is recovering from surgery in Austin this week, and I hope you will join us in praying for her recovery, as well as peace for J.D. as he can't be there with her.
  • There is a little girl, just a few weeks old now, named Alexis Hocanson, who is recovering from some fairly serious heart work in a hospital in Columbus, OH. The most recent development involves potential temporary paralysis of some of her cranial nerves. Please pray that the Great Physician will restore this beautiful little girl to full health and allow her to be home in Findlay with her whole family for Christmas.
  • Our search for a temporary new location for C3 continues. Pleas continue to pray with us, as we are needing to get into a larger place soon. Our gatherings lately have been possible, but very "cozy!"

Thank you for praying for these needs, and for continuing to partner with Convergence Christian Church!

In Him We Live,


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