Monday, September 28, 2009

September 28

Hey there!

September has been a great month for Convergence!

In my last update, I mentioned that we opened up an area for little ones and had a "test drive." Since that time, we've had to expand Kids Crossing to include an area for younger kiddos each week. Right now we would be delighted if you would pray about volunteers- it's a great problem when you have as many kids as adults, but we still need to make sure we have enough workers!

Overall, C3 has seen steady growth for the months of August and September, which is a terrific praise. I am always hesitant to publish numbers, but I will say that we now have on average about 15 more people coming each Sunday than we had from March-July. If you want a more specific update, please feel free to email me:

The combination of this growth has also required us to purchase additional equipment, which means that we finally needed a trailer! The fact that we were able to get along so well without one for this long is a testimony to the dedication of our core team, who faithfully stored and transported stuff each week for months- those guys are awesome!

Finally, Prayer Partners: Thank you for your faithful partnership with C3! Nothing that has happened in the life of Convergence Christian Church has happened without prayer. Your support has been amazing, and beyond value!

In Him We Live,


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