Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday, June 10th


Thanks for continuing to pray for Convergence!

-I have several meetings this week and next with people who are interested in partnering with the new church. Some individuals are interested in being "scaffolding" (volunteers from other churches, who will serve temporarily alongside us to train leaders and help staff areas on Sunday mornings as we begin). Others have indicated that they want to be a part of the "core" group, and are exploring where they will serve. Still others represent churches, who desire to help us see that Convergence becomes a new outpost in God's Kingdom. Please pray for these meetings, and especially for the Holy Spirit to guide every conversation.

-My family has found a house, and we would really appreciate your prayers for a smooth closing, and for God's blessing to be on the family that is selling to relocate.

In Him We Live,


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