Sunday, June 29, 2008

Monday, June 30th


Today I will travel back to Ohio after spending the better part of a month in Houston. On June 2nd, as I prepared to start this trip, I asked you to pray for several things:
- For my trip
- For our family- especially Quinn and Kyra- while I was away.
- For our housing situation
- For the people that will be involved in the core group at Convergence.
- For the right place to rent when we begin to hold public services.

Here's how God has answered those prayers:

- My trip was safe and uneventful, for the most part. (I'll have to tell you that story on the other blog soon.)
- Our family has made it through the last several weeks of being apart, though we all missed each other very much and can't wait to see one another again later today!
- We now have a house, and it will be a great place to welcome new friends.
- Our cookout on Saturday was a blast! The house was full of adults and kids, and everyone was eager to begin meeting together regularly, which we will begin doing on July 13th.
- Our number one choice for a meeting place is still an unknown. The realtor has been difficult to reach- slightly discouraging. However, the building remains empty, so we remain hopeful!

God's power is infinite; it has no limits. This is the power which is accessed with every prayer.

This week we will finish packing, and hope to load the moving truck on Saturday. Unfortunately, I'll not have much in the way of Internet access for the next several days, so this may be my only opportunity for an update this week. Please pray for the "big" move, and continue to pray for God to use us.

Have a great week!

In Him We Live,


P.S.- After being away from my family for almost a month, I am reminded of just one of the incredible sacrifices that are made by soldiers and their families- long term separation. If you know someone in one of those roles, please thank them this week. And please, pass on my deepest gratitude as well.

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